Ok….. I really do not know how to start, Am scared of trying out everything New. In fact, Am scared of trying out anything at all. I prefer to hideout back and not show My face. I don’t want to be seen by anyone. What if I tried and fail? What if Am not accepted by people? What if they laughed at Me? What if I get a cold feet in the middle of doing it? What if I flopped? I’d just die.. Am so scared of “try”.. But Hey who said You will flop? Who said they’d laugh at You? Who said You’ll get a cold feet? Who said You wont be accepted? And so what if all those happen or have happened before. Here I Am, I had something to write to You all this while but I kept asking Myself the same question You keep asking Yourself.. What if? There is no harm in trying. Just imagine someone is waiting for Your song to be saved. Imagine if someone is waiting for You article to not commit suicide. Imagine Your rap inspiring the next World’s greatest rapper. Just imagine cause the devil is scared of You and what You have to deliver so he gets You all sucked up inside with the “what if” Question its time to shake it off. You may notice some wrong spellings, punctuations and not well constructed sentences, know why? This is why…. “So? what”so what They see the wrong spelling? I’ve passed My Message and You got it, even They got it… Imagine You replaced the “what if” with “so what” and someone messaged You and says You just saved My live with that song You wrote. Start now. Forget who’s looking at You and focus on Who’s looking up to You. You can do it. No more what ifs…


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