Our crush similarities :- two

Where did i stop? Oh yeah! A fling without physicals. I thought that was how this was going to end, i mean it got us distracted from our main course but hey there was more to this that i didn’t quite get Follow me.

The speaker made me repent, i didn’t want the whole distraction anymore, the next function day i sat behind him,he couldn’t see me but i could see him. Why sit close to him right?I mean the auditorium was big enough to sit a 100m away from him but no behind him was the place to be, so could there still be something?
My nigga was craning and stretching so hard just to look for me but each time he prolly turned towards me, i ducked. Sad huh?

The next function day, which was not a formal function he mounted the platform and just like magnet and metal he sighted me, he bowed and smiled he lifted his head just to prolly be sure it was me and yeah it was so he grinned so much i could almost count his teeth from the back seat where i sat. How could he spot me out in that much crowd? Well who cares i felt excited.

The next day being a formal function, i had to miss because i had an important event to attend. I wasn’t spiritually where i was, i just wanted to get back to base and of course see him also.

The next function day i couldn’t wait to go infact, i got my clothes ready two days to that day, and i had made up my mind to talk to him. Not ask him out kind of talk,i told a couple of friends so unlike me am not a kiss and tell.one told me the exact thing to go talk to him. And it would help right?I would know from the conversation if it was a waste of time or not. If i loose the attraction at the point of talking to him or after talking to him it would save me so much stress but if i feel like getting to know him more then i would know how to follow it. wait! I thought this was supposed to be over Just a fling right? why is it still lingering? Well!

I was dressed for the occasion i knew the kind of outfit he liked and of course that was my kind of outfit so lets go there! hehehe. I wore my vast jacket, a decent but spectacular ripped jean, my awezome snicks and of course one of my most favorite fashion outfit my baseball cap. You know baseball caps have a way of standing you out in a crowd of people with no caps so yeah, it was intentional lol.

Just as i entered it was like my wi fi hot spot was on, he turned and we connected. But hey! Am not ready for this distraction thing so i turned it off. Got into my war-ship and sailed. Well he was still connected but i wasn’t, looked like my concentration got him to concentrate because i caught him war-shipping at some point so yay! how come you saw him if you weren’t looking right? Yeah you know that 360, 180 degrees angle looking that you don’t have to look directly, yeah that kind of lookery (the act of looking) Lol. The function was powerful the WORD, he and his crew blew me away.The more reason to like him right? But i didn’t like him because of what he was, i just liked him. After the function, music went on and alot of people stayed back to dance.I was sitting but still gave my best dance moves and operating my phone. He angle 180ed towards me to peek at what i was doing in form of greeting someone. This time, i wasn’t pretend operating my phone, i actually was Lol.

Music stopped and people started exiting the auditorium. I followed but went out to wait for him while he and his crew members had their benediction. After that, my nigga refused to roam I waited and waited then finally i did something am still thinking about right now if i was the one who did it. I sent someone to call him. Ah! #coveringeyes. I saw when the dude told him someone was calling him but i never saw him stand up but like lightening he appeared in a split second. Yeh! I was icecold. When he saw it was me He couldn’t talk, neither could i. But just to be brave i said hi my name is Blessing and he said hi, hey guy you don’t have to say your name you know even Google knows it lol. We had a great talk and the lamest lines I’ve ever constructed hit me and i said hey you owe me my Nike leads yeh! Nike leads? He asked, Yeah those shoes with the lited sole you wore that night and he grinned nah those won’t fit they are quite big, just give them i said. So we argued on that a bit, good thing the convo was going well and he kept asking so whatsup with you? Nigga this ain’t time for maxi gist, that time will come but if you want me to go on well i can its just some minutes pass 10:00pm not too late but my parents will kill me Lol. I was sad i had to leave but it was late, Then he made one of the sweetest punchlines ever, after a very long conversation that any regular guy would quickly forget my name he said Blessing right? Huh? You remember? Yeah and i won’t forget, you attend here right? C’mon nigga we’ve been doing this lookery thing a while that’s a lame line Lol. Then i realised this is way more than a fling we have a connection not a dating one but a close friends one.