This is pretty much a story of a lonely girl.:(

There I was, walking. looking eastward I saw two minors talking, walking, and holding shoulders. on the street?:oah! Already making out in Their minds if I were to judge based on the way They were looking at Themselves..:> They were already committing lookry.

huh? Are You Guys serious like right now?:@ How old are You Guys anyway? Where are Your parents?:/ I thought so deep.. This World is coming to an end full stop..;( I said to Myself. I walked passed Them almost brushing Them intentionally so They’ll get the feel that what they were doing was wrong.;> Ah! They didn’t even notice Me pass, they kept on with their in-the-heart-lmmorality.:> So I thought. I stopped walking and bent down to lace My shoes,;) which lace? Lie lie! who doesn’t know? It wasn’t lacing My shoes, when did slippers start having lace? Hehehe it was busy body uneasiness..:D They passed Me again not noticing Me one more time. Angry:@ this time, I deviced a plan to eavesdrop on Their convo.:|

Well excited They passed Me, I blew behind Them like the wind.

And there! I heard what they were talking about.. OMG!:o What? Hey! Come and help Me people! I have seen and heard the long never done relationship. Here’s what I heard.. So how were You able to handle that Guy? And She replied well I asked GOD for help and HE showed Me exactly how to go about it…hmm that’s what Am talking about:D HE said. I almost forfeited My class project and tests to come down here. Anything for You; You know. Oyes.. I know.. You stalker of My life hahhaha They both laughed. I didn’t need to to tell Mom and Dad cause I had You:* but it was just so sad I didn’t have You close at the Moment.:( But Hey its good to have a Brother like You I can talk to and pray with.:D

So I stopped. just incase They sensed Me and changed the topic.

But They kept moving like the wind never slid pass.. But just before I could go back to My Amebo (nosey) state They stopped and hugged. There it was, I caught Their faces.. They were so alike it warmed My heart. :)So I got it. Actually heard a neighbor of Mine talking to someone on the phone and as usual My antennas called ears picked up the info.;) And yes He said His Son was coming back from the States, that He misses Them so Much especially His Sis.. Ah!:o What a Brotherly and Sisterly love. If only that could really exist, there will be less misbehaving Young boys and girls, I screamed out in My head.

And what caused My own snooping around? Loneliness… Exactly.. Nobody to talk to or hold helm of garment with more so shoulders.. How sad.;( Girl! Can We switch? Just for a bit.. I need this love.;(